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Samsung Galaxy Note 5 - How To Block Pop Up Ads - Fliptroniks.com

Best Note 5 Bumper Case: https://ift.tt/2ov2Rlf Best Note 5 Thin Case: https://ift.tt/2nIWldj Fliptroniks Android Updates: http://goo.gl/mmK7Re If your looking for how to block pop up ads on samsung galaxy note 5 your going to want to first 1. Delete / un install any new apps you may have recently downloaded in the last week or so (this is usually the first thing we recommend doing since its most likely whats causing the problem to begin with) 2. You will then want to restart your phone and wait to see if there are any more pop ups that come in 3. If its happening more on your browser then its likely the browser has a virus on it. If its your stock browser or google chrome what you can do is go into your application manager - click all running apps - and find the chrome app or internet app - click force stop and clear cache. Anytime your trying to block pop up ads on samsung galaxy note 5, and its happening in the browser this is usually the fix your looking for 4. If you find the ads wont stop on the browser side of your phone you can either start using a new browser, or do a factory or hard reset on your phone just make sure to back up all of your files like contacts, photos, videos, and other important documents to your pc first. You should also consider using a back up app like drop box or google drive which are both free to use
via Youtube at https://youtu.be/LLwJ1tXQVx8

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