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Networking and IPv4 Addressing: Converting Binary to Decimal Tutorial

https://ift.tt/2L2YQjP Excerpt from Networking and IPv4 Addressing Fundamentals LiveLessons Video Training Learning@Cisco, the division responsible for the development and administration of Cisco's training and certification programs, has partnered with presenter Keith Barker, CCIE# 6783, to bring you an engaging educational series that focuses on network fundamentals and IPv4 addressing principles and techniques. The three videos contained in this package present you with all you need to know to get started in the networking field through almost nine hours of video training. The videos contain live demonstrations using live networks, interactive games and practice exercises for learning and remembering concepts, and a study aid that includes diagrams and worksheets to use for the various activities. The first video, The Nuts and Bolts of Network Devices, is an introductory, 3 part series on the common devices and cables that are used to build a data network. Anyone who is new to, or has a cursory interest in, data networking will benefit from the practical and interactive approach used to talk about common network elements as well as show how to connect them to create a small network. The second video, Fundamentals of Network Device Communications, is a three part series that takes you from understanding the OSI Reference Model through to being able to use selected commands to determine and verify the path data takes through a network. The third video, Mastering IPv4 Addressing, is a two part series that takes you from understanding the elements of an IPv4 address to being able to subnet addresses as well as reverse engineer a given address. The power of this series is the inclusion of step by step processes used to perform tasks such as subnetting combined with practice scenarios to reinforce what you learn. In all cases, each practice comes with a detailed and fun debrief lecture from Keith. https://ift.tt/2L2YQjP
via Youtube at https://youtu.be/Kx4uugkjHKc

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