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Microsoft launches Skype Preview update with Android and iOS enhancements

Microsoft launches Skype Preview update with Android and iOS enhancements. Skype is one of the most popular applications for communicating. Perhaps its best time has passed, especially by the push of alternatives like WhatsApp, Telegram or Facebook Messenger and that is one of the reasons why from Microsoft continue to provide improvements in successive updates. And this latest update they have released comes to improve the use of desktop versions. Those that we can use in computers with Windows, MacOS X or Linux and adds improvements that we had already seen in the mobile versions for iOS and Android. Among the new features is that when we receive a message, Skype Preview notifies us on the spot, something basic not to interrupt our work by consulting the notifications. In addition, the possibility of using panoramic photos and Skype status has been added. These are the innovations that we will see in Skype Preview in the desktop versions: Improved notifications and now when a contact sends us a direct message, we will receive a notification. We can insert and view panoramic photos in both chats and moments. The status of contacts has improved and now it is easier to know if your contacts are online, offline or busy. You can easily change the language of the application through the application settings. You can transfer the audio to the headphones when they are connected to the PC. This version of Skpye is different from the normal version that many have installed on our computers, so that you can install both and try out the new features provided by this version still under development.
via Youtube at https://youtu.be/0SXGP5Ee58k

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