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Make Android Faster: Top 5 Speed Tips

Learn how to make your phone faster in 5 steps at https://ift.tt/2mAoJwF In this video, I give you my top five tips to making your Android phone a little bit faster. The first step is to either disable or speed up your transition animations (via the display settings or developer options on ICS). The second is to delete and widgets you have on your home screens that you don't use (or at least use often) as these take up RAM and processing power. Third step is to use a static, non-live wallpaper. Fourth is to close apps out (with a task manager) or delete the ones you don't use (because they can run in the background and use up system resources). And the fifth and final tip is to reset (power off and power on) your Android phone at least once a week to clear out the RAM. This will not only make your phone faster but will also decrease the amount of force close issues etc. Facebook: https://ift.tt/VmxS7C Twitter: http://twitter.com/phonebuff Website: https://ift.tt/TNS0O4
via Youtube at https://youtu.be/A9TOKmySJl0

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