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How to stop apps running in background in android, S8,S8+,S7,note 8

How to stop apps running in background in android. Background apps can drain your battery or use cellular data. This video also answers some of the queries below: stop apps from auto starting android what apps are running on my phone right now how to stop apps running in background android programmatically how to stop apps from running on startup android how to close apps on android galaxy apps running in background notification How to disable apps running in background Hi everyone and welcome to my YouTube channel and today in this video we will see how to stop background applications running in your android device. Now for this example I have taken Samsung galaxy note 8. So, let us see how to do it. Now for this one you need to enable an option called "Developer option". For that one what we will do is we will go ahead and open "Settings'. We will scroll down and go to about phone. We will select "Software information" and you need to tap on this "Build number" for 6-7 times in order to enable Developer option. Let me show you. So, now the developer mode is enabled. Now let me again open "Settings" and If I scroll down at the bottom now you can see there is an option "Developer options". So, what we need to do now is we will have to open this Developer option. Then you can see an option here "Running services". So, let us select it. Now you can see these are all of the application which are running in the background. So, make sure that you have to see the applications which you want to close and those applications should not be system application. Those should be the application which you have installed manually. Anything started with Google please don't stop it. For example if you see this Reddit is the application which I have installed and it is running in background.So, if I want to stop this then I will tap on it and then I will select "Stop". So, the reddit application will stop running in the background. So, this is how you can stop apps running in background in android devices.
via Youtube at https://youtu.be/L2bVapIr8yw

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