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How to setup Wordpress in a CPanel Hosting Environment | Wordpress | CPanel

Facebook: https://ift.tt/1Br7pds Shared Hosting: https://ift.tt/1sgo4gI If you are new to web hosting, and are looking at a very thorough explanation on how to install Wordpress on a CPanel hosting account, then this video should be quite helpful. This video is a step by step guide, including a thorough explanation of the e-mail you should have received from your hosting company and what the information means, how to create a mysql user and mysql database, how to configure the Wordpress configuration file (wp-config.php), how to upload the content to your shared hosting server, and how to complete your Wordpress Installation and get online. Here are the links I promised to provide in the video... Wordpress Download - https://ift.tt/h21y70 Winrar Download - https://ift.tt/PZFEFx Filezilla Download - https://ift.tt/TDxOQ5 If you are looking for CPanel hosting, please take a moment and check out my hosting options. I am always willing to assist you if you have issues, and provide excellent service. Hosting - https://ift.tt/1sgo4gI
via Youtube at https://youtu.be/QihvpQYOJ04

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