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How to Rank Any YouTube Video in 2018 | How to Grow a YouTube Channel From Scratch

Learn the Top 5 Secret Hacks to Rank ANY Video on YouTube, and Create a Huge YouTube Channel in 2018! FREE YouTube Cheatsheet ► https://goo.gl/HZ8t3o YouTube Ninja Facebook Group ► https://goo.gl/GQar9f ★☆★ MAKE SURE YOU COME AND SAY HI :) ★☆★ https://ift.tt/2tT5Rh1 If you’re looking for tips and tricks relating to Video SEO and how to rank YouTube videos and create huge YouTube Channels fast, then this video is for you! Specifically, we will cover EXACTLY how to use YouTube’s algorithm in 2018 to rank your video fast with their top 5 ranking factors! This are the same 5 ranking factors I personally focus on when I publish new YouTube videos. They’re the primary reason I am able to rank my videos so high in YouTube’s search results, which leads to new people discovering my channel, which means new subscribers! What are the top 5 YouTube SEO Video Ranking factors? The MOST important is what is referred to as ‘watch time’ this means how many minutes of watch time your video has accumulated since you published it! The more total watch time you have, the better you rank! (With a few other factors involved ;) Next we need to cast our hook, line and sinker so to speak! This primarily means that we need to hook in the attention of the viewer within the first 7 seconds! Peoples attention spans are so short these days… wait what was I saying? Title/Keywords/Tags/Description come next and are so important! YouTube only has the data you provide at first, and until they can develop further stats based on watch time and engagement you need to tell them what your video is about!! Thumbnail/CTR are up now, we need to make sure our thumbnail is AWESOME so people want to click on it, and you want people to click through to your video often (Click Through Rate – CTR) So if you are looking YouTube ranking tips and how to do Video SEO and rank high in search results then this video is for you, if you can rank YouTube videos higher in search then you can get more views and subscribers on YouTube faster! Learn how to rank YouTube videos on the first page in 2017, learn YouTube search ranking and YouTube search engine optimization and so much more! Video Tags: how to rank videos on youtube, how to rank videos on youtube 2018, youtube seo, ranking youtube * The information contained on this YouTube Channel and the resources available for download/viewing through this YouTube Channel are for educational and informational purposes only.​
via Youtube at https://youtu.be/c-Z6LsdVQWs

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