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How To Increase Your Facebook Post Reach

Learn how to increase your Facebook post reach. This tutorial by Maliek Whitaker provides you with social media tips for learning how to get your posts in front of more of your followers by improving your organic reach. The algorithm that Facebook uses to place posts on the news feeds of your fans has changed. It favors ads over posts because that is how they make the majority of their revenue. Also, with more competition and more pages in existence there is less space on the site for your posts to reach your fans. Instead of making your post visible to everyone who likes your page the algorithm only sends your posts to some of your fans news feeds based on what type of posts each fan tends to engage with. In other words users control their experience and the posts they see based on their settings and their behaviors on Facebook. The posts that each individual engages with drives which posts appear in their news feeds. As an example, if someone watches a lot of funny videos on Facebook then the majority of posts that appear in that persons news feed will be funny videos. Facebook wants to give the users what they want so they stay engaged and stay on the site. Therefore Facebook lets the user create the experience not the page manager. If you post a picture on your page and some of your fans interact with pictures that show up in their newsfeed then your post will be presented to those fans. If you post a link to a video of cats and none of your fans engage with videos about cats then your post will not be presented to their news feeds. This means that although someone has liked your page they still may not see your posts. In order to organically increase your post reach you need to inspire your page fans to update their Notifications and News Feed settings on your Facebook page. When they visit your page and hover over the Like button they will see the options to update these settings. They can make sure that all of your posts show up in on the top of their news feed and they can receive notifications whenever you post something to your page. These options increase the chances that your followers will see more of your posts. When they see more of your posts they can engage with your posts. If your followers are engaged and they consume more your content your page will become more popular and it will grow. This tutorial will show you exactly how to change your Notifications and News Feed settings on any page. So share this video with your Facebook fans so they can update their settings for your page and increase your Facebook post reach. Music in this video: Title: Xperiment in Vibe Composer: Eric Palmer Album: StackTraxx V21: Ambient Stacks Publisher: Digital Juice Music, Inc. The music in this video is royalty free and it was purchased from DigitalJuice.com I have the rights and license to use it. https://ift.tt/27OkEWK Get More Great Social Media Tips - Subscribe ➜ http://bit.ly/1WCcewE Share this Video ➜ http://bit.ly/1VXJE9J Tired of Facebook? Permanently Delete It ➜ http://bit.ly/1S9ypZe Facebook - https://ift.tt/2L3Dt5H Twitter - https://twitter.com/tips4thetube Google+ - https://ift.tt/2JAH5qf
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