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How To Fix A Dead Laptop Battery For Free - Hack

How To Fix A Dead Laptop Battery For Free - laptop battery Hack By finding dead cells in your laptop battery you can replace them with just about any other cell you find from an order system. Keep in mind that you will have to charge your dead bat. before removing it from the system so you more easily find the dead cells. Be sure to get your polarity right. usually the end of the cell with an indented band around it is the positive. Take apart your dead bat. this is going to be harder than you think. Scavenge some batteries from and older system and check for the best cells. remove dead cells from pack and replace with scavenged live cells from the older system. snap everything back together and plug into laptop. remember to plug into the wall on your first boot. After that you should be smooth sailing. Disclaimer - Do this at your own risk. I do not take any responsibility for your actions. R3DLIN3S redlines red lines
via Youtube at https://youtu.be/f4144yA3s94

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