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How to boost android volume

In this video I will show you how to increase your phone volume (this is for the phones that may not have an eq setting like mine the kyocera hydro wave) Download link.. (this is the volume booster) https://ift.tt/2mNTQF3 (this is the treble booster) https://ift.tt/2K43AUT IM NOT TAKEING CREDIT FOR THIS APP IM JUST SHOWING HOW IT WORKS TO BOOST YOUR PHONE this app works with all the apps you use daily and is probably one of the best apps I have found that boosts my phone and its a big increase in volume I'd say about 50% more louder now then what it was before but download it and try it yourself :) Thanks for watching and like and subscribe for a chance to win a fire TV stick customized by the techaholics team :) add my Facebook page for updates and more. ( Facebook.com/techaholics2014 ) IF YOU HAVE A GALAXY S8 - S9+ CHECK OUT THIS BOOSTER VIDEO: ( https://youtu.be/b5rcAIhRKUI ) (THIS MAY WORK ON OTHER DEVICES TO)
via Youtube at https://youtu.be/6qTllqqlfv4

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