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GrayKey, the machine that can unlock any iPhone

GrayKey, the machine that can unlock any iPhone The security used to protect the privacy of iOS users has resulted from a time in this part a point of confrontation between those who defend their inviolability in any situation and law enforcement agencies, who advocate a collaboration by the manufacturer to facilitate access to data in certain circumstances. For those who think the latter there is a device called GrayKey, according to its manufacturers is able to unlock any iPhone and avoid cases as media as the San Bernardino terrorist, who faced at the time Apple with the FBI. The device has been manufactured by the company Grayshift and is a small gray minimalist box with two Lightning connectors. This allows you to connect two iPhones at the same time and in just a couple of minutes, a software designed ex-profession is installed and starts working to unlock the smartphone's security code. The process can vary from a few hours in the case of a simple password to several days if it is a more complex one. Once hacked, the password will appear on the iPhone screen itself and from GrayKey itself the stored information can be downloaded to be accessed later from a computer. Although GrayKey has been designed to help the representatives of the law, worries that it could fall into the wrong hands and appear mafias destined to unlock iPhone and traffic with them and their data.
via Youtube at https://youtu.be/2gQxdAODipM

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