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Blurry font and program fix for HD screens | Windows 10

This walks you through a registry fix for mmc related font blur (like with Device Manager) and 3rd party installer font blur on QHD monitors and high DPI laptops. Turns out it also solves blur problems in iTunes and other non-Windows programs. Please read this whole blurb (show more). The Windows 10 version 1703 that just came out limits this tweak a bit. I wanted to show the "before and after" with the awesome "presto-chango" but forgot it requires a restart or logout. So while the ending is unsatisfying, I guarantee this is the genuine fix you've been looking for. FINALLY CLEAR with no extra software! If your native scaling is not at 125%, you may need to tweak your font size afterwords in "Display" in the Control Panel. It might seem a little small. My Lenovo Yoga 2 13 and my Acer QHD monitor have crystal clear fonts across the board for the first time since purchase! I scoured online forums and Microsoft support for two years only ever to get it "close enough". Now it's fixed. WOOHOO! NOTE: you will see in the Win10 settings that you are set to a "custom scaling" after this fix. NOTE II (IMPORTANT): Windows 10 version 1703, released at the end of April 2017, removes "Display" from the Control Panel. This makes it harder to adjust text size afterwards if this fix makes your text too small. You might have to tweak it manually in the registry (Google for options) or try WinAero Tweaker which allows for text size adjustment. WinAero Tweaker plus the ClearType text adjustment makes for a perfect display if you take a minute to get it right. Cheers!
via Youtube at https://youtu.be/3w6SaeuCJ_o

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