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Alternative to Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation Software - How to Use Prezi │ Prezi Tutorial 2016

In this video, Tim Levy talks gives a Prezi presentation software video tutorial showing you how to use Prezi. Prezi is a great alternative to Microsoft PowerPoint, and this Prezi presentation tutorial shows you why it's so much better than Powerpoint. This presentation video gives tips on how to use software Prezi for business presentations online and offline. Tim shows you how to use free software from Prezi.com to create amazingly dynamic visual presentations for your speaking and information communication business needs. BUSINESS MASTERY VIDEO TUTORIALS Business Mastery Video Tutorials is a video tutorial blog for learning about digital business with a particular focus on technology and content for beginners, dummies and total idiots! It's that easy! BOOKS ON AMAZON Tim has written a variety of books on clarity, strategy and mindset with a particular focus on technology and content. - The Google Gamble - https://ift.tt/1tiRlDN - The Entrepreneurial Handbook - https://ift.tt/1uDy3Qy - The Fast Book Handbook - https://ift.tt/1tiRlDR - Creativity and Innovation - https://ift.tt/1uDy1Z9 - The Awakener's Handbook - https://ift.tt/1uDy3QA LET'S CONNECT - Free Monthly Newsletter - https://ift.tt/1tiRlU7 - Facebook - https://ift.tt/1tiRlU9 - Web - http://www.timlevy.net Tim Levy is an author, speaker, consultant and coach. He works with CEOs and entrepreneurs on clarity, strategy and mindset. He routinely speaks for peak organizations like Vistage International, CEOSpace International and Secret Knock. He has a particular focus on web technology and digital content including books, CDs, online training and broadcast television. Tim’s focus is to radically accelerate and enable highly purposeful CEOs and entrepreneurs in their business and personal lives. YOUTUBE URL http://youtu.be/U_9fMvgrJjI
via Youtube at https://youtu.be/U_9fMvgrJjI

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