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7 Steps To Increasing Conversions In Your Online Store

Heavy web traffic to your online store is a beautiful thing. After all, you'll never sell a single product if no one ever comes to your store. Still, just having people visit your website every day won't make you money either. What really counts for success is being able to effectively convert site visitors into buyers. For example of why conversions matter more than site traffic, let's say you only had 100 people visit your site but that you managed to sell to 50 percent of them. That would mean that you would get 50 sales. By comparison, if you had 1000 visitors and only converted 2 percent you would only end up with 20 sales. Naturally, your goal would be to have both high traffic and high conversions, so that you can sell as much as possible and make a great profit. The good news is that increasing conversions is much easier than boosting traffic, making it a relatively simple way to improve your website's profitability without having to invest in more marketing and advertising. This quick guide will teach you how to increase your conversions whether you're just starting out or have an established website. Step 1. Don't Make Me Think. I got this idea from a book by Steven Krug. The concept is to make it so that buyers don't have to do any work to make a sale. As an example, imagine if I gave you a candy bar and said it costs $1, you might be willing to do so. But what if I said you can buy the candy bar for $1 after you solve a maze? You'd say there is an easier way to go and buy a candy bar, and you'd just find a store selling one for the same price or maybe even more to purchase it. If your customers have to jump through a lot of hoops to buy things, it's like asking them to solve a puzzle before buying. Step 2. Make Your Add to Cart Button Big In order to make sure that customers can buy easily, your add to cart button must be easy to spot. Choose a color that stands out in your site design and that it is large in size. You want the add to cart button to be the most prominent thing on the page, so that buyers are tempted to click. Step 3: Use Only Large High Quality Images You want to build desire in your customer and that can be difficult to do when your customers can't see or touch what you're selling. The image is the number one method of making your products seem real and tangible to shoppers. Large high quality images will entice users to buy, provided that users don't have to scroll down to see the entire image. Zoom functionality is a great feature because it lets shoppers see the small details that they might otherwise miss. It's also a great idea to include shots with more than one angle of an item, so that people can see more of it. For every product, ask yourself what you would want to see if you were shopping for the product online. Step 4: Make Your Website Look Legitimate. You run a legitimate company, but how can your customers know that for sure? All that they have to go on to buy is what you provide on your website, so you need to make sure there are elements on the website that build trust. Ensure that there is a phone number posted in a prominent place to show customers that they'll be able to get in contact with you. You can also add trust verification symbols like the Norton Trust seal or a Better Business Bureau seal of approval to put customers' minds at ease about giving you their credit card information. To learn the rest of the steps for increasing conversions on your online store, watch my full video on the topic. Increase your ecommerce store's sales through increasing your conversion percentage. Including tips on how to improve your add to cart button, about us page, and build more trust! Get Your Free Online Store Success Pack Here: https://ift.tt/2KzZusU Don’t Make Me Think If the user needs to think about it to much you have lost them Big Add to cart button above the fold, that pops Subconcious Makes it easier to buy Don’t make me think Big clean high quality product images with zoom functionality I know what I am getting Explain ebay Make it seem like a real company phone number, about us page, contact us page Test it on real people preferably your target demo Tell my story about doesn’t make me want to buy Create Trust Add trust seals Make it take as few clicks as possible
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