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5 Best Ways to Send Large Files Online

5 Best Ways to Send Large Files Online We have researched some of the best file-sharing platforms which you should have in your phone. Of course, I rated these apps based on the ease of usage as well as some pros and cons that come with them. So, let’s dig into the list to know 5 Best Ways to Send Large Files Online. 1. WeTransfer Website: www.wetransfer.com Android App: https://ift.tt/1pXv1SM Feature: Very Simple File sharing procedure. - Sending files to your friends without even registering. - Free 20gb file size limitation per transfer 2. Pibox Website: https://music.pibox.com App: https://ift.tt/2z3qvzy Feature: - Most unique file-sending platforms. - This app lets you chat with your friends in a messenger-like mode. - After registering, you will be given a free 3 GB storage to use. 3. Filemail Website: https://ift.tt/1eQz27g App: https://ift.tt/2z3qxaE Feature: - Sharing or sending simplicity. - No need to register to start sending files to your friends. - Filemail offers 30 GB size limitation for file sending. 4. Send Anywhere Website: https://ift.tt/19qQrBS App: https://ift.tt/1rmo94F Feature: - Send Anywhere takes an easy, quick, and unlimited approach to file sharing. - Secure File Sharing. 5. Pcloud Pcloud offers free service to send your big files up to 5GB instantly. - Its simple interface allows you to upload multiple files through drag and drop. - you can add up to 10 of your friends to receive your files. - Encrypt your files to achieve data security.
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