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3 RESET WAYS ON Android Phones review, HOW TO RESET FACTORY RESTORE ANDROID PHONES backup data auto restoring after resetting smart phone, TECH TIPS 26 THIS WORKS FOR APP CRASHES FREEZING WIFI WIRELESS LOST SIGNAL NO CONNECTION GLITCHES TOUCH SCREEN ERRORS works on, Samsung Galaxy, Nexus 4, Nexus 5, LG Motion, Galaxy Note, HTC, LG Optimus, LG F3, LG F6, JUST BACKUP AND RESET IF YOU DECIDE TO SELL CELL PHONE, EASY FACTORY RESTORE METHODS BACK TO BRAND NEW SETTINGS WHEN I FIRST BOUGHT THE MOBILE PHONE I HOPE THIS HELPS PLEASE LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE Technical Customer Support Number Google Play team, call 1-855-836-3987 5 more Resetting ways listed below 1st way- hold power button for 15 seconds 2nd way- take off battery pack for 15 seconds 3rd way- Go to Settings then choose Backup & Restore 4th Way Holding "Power+Vol.Down" buttons for 15 seconds when Phone is off, that will start "Factory reset" "factory restore" service mode. "how to reset android phone" 1. Hold Volume up & Power buttons 20 sec 2. Hold Vol down & Power button 20 sec 3. Hold Vol up & down & Power button 20 sec 4. Hold Home & Power buttons 20 Sec 5. plug usb data cable in PC then let PC download Software
via Youtube at https://youtu.be/L4edCvuKV5E

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