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AIML (Artificial Intelligence Markup Language) was developed by Alicebot free software community and Dr. Richard S. Wallace around 1995-2000. It is primarily used to customize Alicebot which is a chat-box type of application based on A.L.I.C.E. (Artificial Linguistic Internet Computer Entity) open free software.

AIML, or Artificial Intelligence Markup Language, is simply an XML language for creating ordinary language software agents. AIML full meaning is Artificial Intelligence Markup Language, a type of language which is XML-compliant and easy to understand, also makes it easy for developers to begin editing and customizing an Alicebot or even creating your own from scratch within a couple of minutes. AIML helps developers to easily create user interfaces while keeping the implementation process simple, easy to deploy and very much maintainable.

AIML is a simple form of XML that defines rules for matching patterns and determining responses. Interpreters for AIML available online are as follows, namely; AIMLbot (Program #) (.NET/C#), CHAT4D edit and run (delphi) (french), ChatterBean (Java), Program D (Java, J2EE), Program O (PHP/MySQL), Program Q (C++, Qt), Program R (Ruby), Program W (Java), RebeccaAIML (C++, Java, .NET/C#, Python, Eclipse AIML editor plugin), and others. Most AIML interpreters are open source programs online.

AIML basic unit of knowledge is called Category. A category comprises of an input question or query, with an output function known as the template. The input question is also known as the pattern. The most important units of AIML are:
<\aiml>: the tag which begins and ends an AIML document.
<\category>: the tag which marks a "unit of knowledge" in an Alicebot's knowledge base.
<\pattern>: used to hold-in a simple pattern for matching what users say or type to an Alicebot.
<\template>: it contains the response to a user input.

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