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Apache Solr

Apache Solr is a brainchild of Lucene project. It is an open source programing platform which runs on Java. It is used, basically, for building search applications. The uniqueness of Apache Solr lies in its high scalability and speed of operation.

The first version of Solr was written in 2004 by a programmer that goes by the name Yoonik Seely, but wasn’t opened to the public. Not until 2006 when the platform was handed over to Apache foundation was it made an open source platform. Apache Solr has gone through series of upgrades, with the most recent being in 2016.

Solr is powered by a search server which works hand in hand with Lucene, giving Solr a lot of robustness. Additionally, Solr has a super flexible architecture, giving it the much needed customization.

If you are new to Java programming, or perhaps your Java coding skill isn’t advanced enough, you could still work with Solr. This is because the working of Solr is modular; you can easily drag and drop to create something functional and efficient.

Features of Apache Solr

High Scalability: The ease of scaling Solr to bigger capabilities has made Solr attractive to users.

Enterprise capabilities: Apache Solr wasn’t only designed for personal search application development; organizations can also use it to develop applications can best suits their needs.

Real time indexing: With Solr, you can see your work live as you program.

High Flexibility: Like earlier said, search application built using Apache Solr can be customized by mere drag and drop function. Advanced customization can be done by installing plugins.

Compatible with several programming language: Apache Solr works pretty well with programming languages like Python, PHP, Ruby on Rails and a host of others.

Aside building search applications, Solr is also used for indexing; making documents easy for machines to interpret. Added to that, Solr is capable of performing mapping and querying operations.

Since it is open source, just about anybody or organization can add to its development.

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