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All you need to know about Adobe Flex

Initially developed by Macromedia in 2004, Adobe flex was later acquired by Adobe. Then in 2011, Adobe gave out the license to Adobe flex to Apache Software Foundation. This development lead to the renaming of the software to Apache Flex.

So, the whenever you hear Apache Flex, know that is Adobe Flex that is being talked about.

Perhaps you have never heard of Flex before, and have limited idea what it is used for. Apache flex is a tool developed for wed designers and masters looking to quickly deploy highly responsive sites that is supported by all types of browsers. What makes Apache Flex unique is that it is an open software, and all developers, irrespective of the background, can conveniently use it.

To get up and running with Apache Flex, here is what you need to know about the software

1. Flex does not require a special server

Contrary to popular opinions, no special set of servers is required to run flex. As a matter of fact, the software can be run on literally any type of server and web browser.

2. Flex is inexpensive

As it stands now, Apache Flex is a free for everyone including developers and students. This free version has every feature a developer would need. The paid version, Vanilla Flex Builder, costs about $250. This is the enterprise version, so everything you would need is contained in the free version.

3. Flex can run on Flash Player

Some people are of the view that a special program needs to be installed for flex to run efficiently. This is largely untrue; Flex can conveniently run on Flash Player 9 and even the lower version. So, nothing special has to be installed to run Flex.

4. Flex is incredibly simple to learn

You don’t have to be a techie to work with Flex. With a little knowledge of Java and Flash Player, you can get up and running with Flex. 

Adobe Flex Tutorials: 

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