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The Nest can turn itself off while you're grinding away or at work, so it just warms or cools your home when you're at home. In the event that it doesn't think about when you return home effectively, however, you could hold up hours in an awkward house. In the event that you have an Automatic Pro, your car can advise Nest to begin warming up when you leave for work. 

Automatic Pro is a really marvelous smart car system that uses your car's OBD-II port to speak with your telephone and a cluster of different administrations like Nest. The Nest reconciliation for Automatic Pro enables you to "pre-condition" your home when your car departs a particular range like work. 

Preconditioning is somewhat not quite the same as Nest's typical Home/Away Assist, and it's remarkable to Automatic. Rather than turning on your heater or air conditioner right away, preconditioning will just warmth or cool your home sufficiently long to be comfortable when you return home. In this way, for instance, if your drive home is 60 minutes, yet it will just take twenty minutes to warm your home, your Nest will just turn the the heater on when you’re twenty minutes away from the house.

To associate your Automatic Pro to Nest, head to the Nest application on Automatic’s site here and click Connect To Nest.

Next, sign into both your Automatic and Nest accounts. 

Once you're signed in, you'll see a control board with a list of sample rules that you can modify. Each one is disabled by default. You can either make your own particular rule or alter the current ones. For this guide, we’re going to create a new rule. Click on Create a New Rule at the bottom of the page.

At the top, give your rule a name like “Precondition my home when I leave work.”

The left-hand board has a few conditions to decide when this rule will activate. For our situation, we need it to activate at whatever point your car is turned on close work. You can limit this rule by time of day later, so it won't activate when you leave for lunch, for instance. 

Under Automatic Event, select Ignition On. Next, enter your address in the Of Address box. You can limit or augment the geofence around your place of work with the "Or within" dropdown box. For instance, if your work address is in a single building, you can set the within distance to a couple blocks. If your work address is a campus, you can just set it to activate once your car turns on within one mile of your work address.

In the middle panel, you can easily set the days and times this rule should activate. Just check the box for every day of the week that you work. You can also set a time frame that Automatic will monitor. For instance, if you drive your car to lunch almost every day, you may want to set this rule to only activate between 4:00PM and 8:00PM when you usually head home, rather than all day.

In the last panel, you can select which actions you want your Nest to do whenever the rule is activated. Under Nest Structure, select which thermostat you want to turn on or off.

The Nest Event drop down is where the real magic happens. The “Set to Home” and “Set to Away” options work just like they do in the Nest app. “Precondition for ETA,” however, works a little differently. This will calculate how far your work address is from home and turn your heater or air conditioner on in time for you to get home. Choose this from the dropdown. You’ll see a new Home Address box appear. Enter your home address here.

Once you’ve entered all this info, scroll down and click Save.

Automatic’s Nest app gives you a lot more fine-grained control over when your Nest thermostat is turned on and off over the basic Nest app. Set it up once, and you’ll always have a comfy home waiting for you when you get home from work.

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