Have you ever thought of using multiple accounts on Google Home? Do you know that you can now use multiple Google Accounts on Google Home? Yes, you can!

Google Home is basically intended to be a shared device that everyone in the house will be able to use. At this time, Google has finally made it possible for Google Home to recognize different people and give personalized info to everyone using their Google accounts. Here’s how to simply set it up.

The Google Home’s multi-user feature is aimed to work with as smallest ruckus as possible. So it basically uses voice training to learn what your voice sounds like. Then it can give you custom information when you say things like “tell me about myself” or “what’s on my shopping list?” You will be able to add up to six people to one Google Home, so everyone in your family will be able to share a single device.

To set it up, just launch the Google Home app and tap the devices icon at the top-right corner of the screen.

Then scroll down to find your Google Home in the list of devices. Then tap on the blue banner that says “Multi-user is now available.” Then Google will start the process of learning how to recognize your voice. Also ensure you’re in the same room as your Google Home and that it’s pretty quiet so Google can easily catch and record your voice.

Google will then ask you to say “Ok, Google” and “Hey, Google” many times to learn your voice patterns. Of course you can also always retrain Google, if you notice that it’s not detecting your voice accurately as well in the future.

Once Google Home is done updating, you’ll be able to see a sample list of commands you can use which will be customized based on who’s speaking. For instance, you can say “Ok Google, what’s my name?” and Google will tell you who it thinks you are. This is a good command you should always try out when adding new users to ensure Google is identifying everyone accurately in the house correctly. Tap Continue to move on.

Once you’re done with that, Google will then give the option to invite others to do the same thing. So tap on the blue Invite button and send a link to your family members or roommates with any communication app of your choice. They’ll be simply asked to install the Google Home app on their phones and walk through the same steps you just did.

Superlatively, it means that no one but you will be able to get information from your account unless they can mimic your voice which will be slightly possible. Even though, I did verify while testing it that Google Home will recognize a recording of your voice in order to activate commands. It still worth knowing about, even if most of you won’t in all likelihood be that suspicious about your family trying to access information on your account.

Well, since Google doesn’t allow Google Home to access some of your private information that Google Assistant can access on other devices, like reading your email, reading reminders, or creating calendar events you don’t have to worry about it. Nevertheless, this is just the beginning towards a more comprehensive Google Home experience for the family as a whole.

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