Do you have the Google Home device? Do you know that the Google Home can help to remember things like where you put your stuff or your Wi-Fi passcode? Yes, you can now make Google Home to remind things you tend to forget. 

With the new “remember”, Google Home can help you remember important things, like where you put your passport or what your Wi-Fi password is.  The new “remember” command lets you make verbal notes about specific things that you’re likely to forget. 

This works best for something that isn’t likely to change very often, like where you usually keep your social security card or your apartment’s gate code. However, you also probably shouldn’t use it for private info like credit card numbers, since anyone in the house (including guests) can access it if they that you have it activated.

To activate this, you don’t need to tweak any settings or enable a third-party service. Provided that your Google Home is connected to the internet—and it would be pretty useless otherwise—it should be updated and ready to go.

Here’s how use it to remember all the things that you tend to forget most time.

First of all, you’ll need to give Google Home something to remember. You can start by saying “Ok Google, remember that I put my passport in a lock box” or “Ok Google, remember that my Wi-Fi passcode is yourpasscode”, for instance.

When you want to recall that information, you can ask for it by saying “Ok Google, where is my passport?” or “Ok Google, what is my Wi-Fi passcode”?

Google will then read back everything you said before with the remember command. Google seems to be suing the algorithm that searches for keywords to pull up the relevant piece of information. For the above example, you can ask “where’s my passport?” or “where’s my lockbox?” and Google will bring out the same result (even though the second command isn’t really answering the right question.)

And this can sometimes leads to a conflict if you use the same keywords in multiple places. For example, I added a remember command that says “Remember that my lockbox is in my closet.” I then asked “where is my lockbox?” and Google told me that my passport is in my lockbox which is wrong. However, this doesn’t cause a problem most times, but it’s probably best if you make each remember command as unique as possible.

In case you want to remove something you asked Google to remember, you can tell Google to forget it. For instance, “Ok Google, forget that my passport is in my lock box” or “Ok Google, forget my Wi-Fi passcode.”

In this case, you need to be careful and pretty specific because if you say, “Ok Google, forget where my passport is,” Google won’t be able to help you with that because you aren’t specific.

That’s all. Hope you like our article, you can drop your thought about this in the comment section below. 

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