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Do you have the backed up bookmark files from your previous browser? Do you know that you can easily import firefox/chrome bookmarks into your new edge browser?

With the new Microsoft Edge browser you can easily import your backed up FireFox/Chrome bookmarks. If you haven’t started using Microsoft Edge, there’s a lot you’re missing and going to love if you tried it. 

It has a lot of the better features of Internet Explorer and also other advanced features on most popular browser while removing those that were almost universally hated. But as with many browser, the first step to test driving it is importing your bookmarks. In Microsoft Edge, it’s a pretty simple procedure, even  though it’d be much more customizable if it were to allow HTML files.

Here's how to import chrome/firefox bookmarks on edge

To import bookmarks in Edge browser, complete the given below instructions.

Method 1: Import bookmarks from another browser

Method 2: Import bookmarks from an HTML file

Method 1: Import bookmarks into Edge from another browser

Open the Edge browser.

Click the ellipsis "..." menu icon at the top-right side of the screen to open the main menu.

Then select the Settings option at the bottom.

Click the "View favorites settings" button below Favorites.

Then click on the checkbox(es) next to the respective browser(s) you want to import it's bookmarks.

Then click on Import.

Method 2: Import bookmarks into Edge from an HTML file

Since Edge doesn’t include an option to import bookmarks from HTML files, then you'll need to use a browser that supports it. If you have bookmarks saved in an HTML file, you'll first need to import bookmarks saved in the HTML file into Firefox(or any other browser that supports HTML file), and then import all bookmarks saved in Firefox browser into Edge browser.

Open Firefox and if don’t have Firefox installed, download, install and open Firefox on your Windows 10 PC.

Press the Alt key to view menus, click Bookmarks menu, and then click on Show all bookmarks to open Bookmarks library. Alternatively, you can quickly open Bookmarks library by using the shortcuts key combination Ctrl + Shift + B.

Then click on Import and Backup on the toolbar. 

Then select Import bookmarks from HTML. 

Now navigate to the HTML file containing your bookmarks, and then click Open button to import all bookmarks into your Firefox browser.

Next, launch the Edge browser, click on the menu button at the top-right corner and select Settings. 

Then click on the "View favorites settings" button below Favorites.

Select Firefox browser from the list and then click Import button. That’s it!

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