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Do you know that you can now queue up Alexa on iOS while shopping in the Amazon app?

Alexa is anticipated to show up in some extraordinary devices this year, from the dash of new cars to televisions and appliances. However, one of the most anticipated and expected move is Alexa is coming to smartphones. Amazon is building a Moto Mod for Motorola's modular Moto Z; Huawei integrated Alexa on the Mate 9; and finally a handful of applications have unofficially and indirectly brought Alexa to both Android and iOS.

Recently, Amazon has made it possible for iOS users in stateside to be able to use Alexa on iPhone with the Amazon Shopping app.
So for iOS users in the stateside using the Amazon shopping and wanting to use Alexa on their iOS device, here's how it works.

In the recent Amazon app update, you may have noticed while using the Amazon app that there is a microphone icon to the right of the search bar at the top corner of the app. Formerly, this is used purposely for searching for products, reordering previously purchased items or tracking your orders.

With the latest Amazon app update, this voice search function has all the full features of Alexa. Using it is as simple as performing a normal voice search except with the Alexa commands. So simply open the Amazon app, tap on the microphone and say the Alexa usual command, without the wake word “Alexa”.

Alexa within the Amazon app on iOS can do nearly all the things the Alexa speakers can do. Even though it's not at this time compatible with the recently announced Door Lock API and some other API, you can enable and use the huge library of Alexa skills, to control your smart home, get updates on the news and weather and automate other stuffs.

If you still don’t know things to say to the Alexa on Amazon app, here are some examples of what you might say:

"Turn on the living room lights."
"Play music by Fleet Foxes."
"Reorder deodorant."
"Tell Starbucks to start my usual order."
"Track my package."
"Read 'Ready Player One.'"
"Play my Flash Briefing."
"How is traffic?"

It appears it would have made more sense to bring Alexa capabilities to the Amazon Alexa app instead of the Amazon shopping app. But, it's to be expected that Amazon's aim was to and are using the Amazon app installed on their iOS devices. Moreover, Amazon's big push for Alexa in the initial place is to encourage users to buy more from it and use more of its services.

Nevertheless, that doesn't make it feel any more normal to open an app dedicated to shopping to toggle on the lights or ask for the weather.

Also, no word has been issued out if or when Alexa will be added to the Amazon app for Android users. Come back for the updates.

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