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Want to delete a post from your Instagram Account? Here’s how to do just that. 

There are various different reasons you might want to delete a post from your Instagram account. Possibly the photo you posted might be an old photo that doesn’t fit in with all the great photos you’ve been posting recently. Or maybe your followers have asked you to remove a post or a photo because you don’t look good in the photo, or maybe it just didn’t get enough likes you expected. Whatever the reasons may be, here’s how to delete it for good.

Open the Instagram App on your smartphone device.

Then head over to the post or photo you want to delete. After opening the photo, tap on the three dots (options) button at the top right-hand corner. 

Then, tap on “Delete” and then confirm it by tapping on "Delete" again.

That’s all. Then the post will be deleted from your Instagram account. Note that you can only delete your own images or post.

While it might seems the photo isn’t available on your Instagram feed, it’s very crucial to remember that once something is posted online, there’s a high possibility that other people might have saved a copy before you removed. Since it’s very easy nowadays for people to take screenshots on their phones or use an app such as the Repost (iOS, Android) to share your original Instagram post on their feed. So it’s best to avoid posting anything unfitting, illegal or incriminating in the first place!

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