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Do you know that you can blur objects in Youtube Videos? With the Youtube powerful video editing tool, you can blur any moving objects in videos.

In 2012, YouTube integrated the ability to blur faces of people in your uploaded videos. Even though the face blur tool worked pretty well, it couldn't be applied to any other objects. However, there's now a pretty new (not that new) blur tool on Youtube that you can apply to any object, even moving ones.

Google's announcement of the blur tool stated that it will be a very "... simple way to blur things like people, contact information, or financial data without having to remove and re-upload your content." Of course, it's not limited to these uses listed.

Want to blur things in video? Here’s how to do just that
Head over to Youtube.com and log into your account. Upload the video you want to edit or head over to the video if you’ve uploaded it already.

Then open the Video manager on YouTube. If you are just uploading the video, you can open the Video manager by clicking on the Advanced settings tab and click on Video Manager at the right-bottom corner. Or simply head over to the video page and click on Video Manager. Then click on the Edit button under the video you're going to use the blur tool on.

Then click on the Enhancements tab at the top, and click on the Blurring effects tab at the right-hand side of the page.

Then click on the Edit button next to “Custom blurring.” Then your video will open in a new pop-up window.

Now to create a blurred area, click and drag to create a blurred box. You can create multiple blurred boxes, drag them around, and resize them.

Once you're through, click Done. Then click on the Save button to save your editing. You can also use the Save as new video button to save it as a new video.

Also you can use the Blur Face button to blur peoples face as stated earlier. 

That’s all! You can now blur any sensitive information, embarrassing objects, or strangers that walk in front of your camera with just a few clicks.

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