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Are you tired of doing the same boring tasks manually over and over again on your Windows 10 PC? With Ellp you can automate your PC day-to-day activities.

Ellp is a free powerful tool that automates the entire simple and boring task on your PC. Ellp introduces 'personalized task automation' through a downloadable program that empowers everyone with the right tools to make automating day-to-day tasks simple, fun and free! Ellp uses simple logic to automate tasks that are specifically carried out on people's devices - simplifying technology for everyone.

Ellp is similar to the online automation service – IFTTT. Ellp is kind of like IFTTT for the desktop. It can’t carry out the wide number of actions that IFTTT can, but Ellp doesn’t have to since this tool is more about automating tasks on your PC. Although it does have few features that can also achieved with IFTTT.

Ellp is currently in beta version for Windows (7,8.1,10) PC and users. 

At the time of writing, Ellp has 24 handy actions, but of course over time, there will be more to come. Nevertheless, you can still make do with the couple of available handy actions. Some of the more useful actions Ellp currently has include the ability to automatically run disk cleanup once your hard drive gets too full.

Ellp can also automatically open Youtube when you plug in your headphones, warn you when you’re about to download the same file twice, warn you when an app is slowing down your PC startup and schedule your PC to shut down at a certain time.

You can download it from the Ellp official site. Then install and launch it. You’ll notice that Ellp uses card interface for all of its actions.

Now to automate things, select the actions you’d like to automate.

Then click on activate. 

The toggle button will turn caribbean green when activated and yellow when deactivated.

I tried it and it works! I turn off my connection and it notified me saying “Ellp has detected that your internet connection is down”.

That’s the most basic aspect of it; however, some actions may need more settings before you can activate them. For instance, if you want to launch a specific website once you connect your headphone, you’ll need to specify which website you want. 

Of course, by default, Ellp offers some options such as Spotify and YouTube, but you can also specify other sites like the Soundcloud’s web player. You can also launch your favorite desktop programs when you plug in headphones.

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