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Lost your Apple TV remote? Your Apple remote stopped working? Don’t like the Apple TV Siri remote? If yes, do you know that you can use any third party smart tv remote with your Apple TV. 

Obviously, you can use a third party remote with Apple TV in case you don’t like or lost the original remote of Apple TV. Although, Siri remote is very cool with it handy features, however, the odds are that many users may not like its small, minuscule design because it can easily get lost or don’t like the way it is being operated. 

Fortunately, if you don’t like the Siri or you lost it, you can easily use a third party remote with it. And the good thing about Apple TV is, you don’t have to jailbreak or perform any other out-of-the-box activity to use a third party remote with it. Apple TV has a built-in feature that lets you other third party remote with it. So Apple authoritatively allows us to use a third party remote if you wish to do so without any hitch.

Here’s how to use third party remote with Apple TV.

How to Add Third-Party Remote to Your Apple TV

To do this, open the Settings app from your Apple TV main menu.

Then scroll down and select “Remotes and Devices.”

Now click on “Learn Remote”. 

Then click on “Start” to begin the process.

Then look for your third-party remote on your Apple TV. Go ahead with the on-screen to set it up. Also, you will need to press the button on your third-party remote in order to help the Apple TV learn the signal.

Afterwards, you can give your third-party remote a name since it provides the option to do so.

Also, you can tap on “Set Up Playback Buttons” option in order to train the Apple TV the Play, Pause, Rewind, Fast-Forward commands on the third-party remote.

That’s all. Once everything is set up successfully, the third party remote will be immediately assigned to the Apple Remote button and will be displayed in the Apple TV interface.

How to Remove Third-party Remote Connected to your Apple TV

In case you’ve gotten another Siri remote or no longer want to use the third-party remote with your Apple TV seeing that the signals are not responsive enough or just wish to go back to the Siri remote? You can easily remove the learned third party remote on your Apple TV and start using the original Siri remote.

As usual, open the Settings app on your Apple TV through the main menu.

Then, scroll over to Remotes and Devices entry and click it. Then select the name of your third-party remote.

Then click on “Delete Remote” to delete the remote details.

Click on Delete Remote once more to confirm th action.

That’s all. The third party remote will be removed.

Some users prefer the Siri remote while some don’t like it due to it small design and ambiguous used of it. The Siri remote does succeed in living up to the task. However, it still needs some improvements to make it easy for some to use. At times, it doesn't respond quickly. Moreover, Siri still finds it a bit difficult to understand some foreign accents.

Image Credit: Christopher Phin

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