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Google said it is acquiring Kaggle, an online community that hosts data science and machine learning competitions Thursday, which verify what sources told us, when we reported the acquisition on Thursday. You can check out the article here.

The company made the announcement at its Google Cloud Next conference on Thursday morning in San Francisco, although not disclosing the conditions of the acquisition. 

It’s not that unanticipated that Google would want to snap it up. With hundreds of thousands of data scientists on the platform, it would give Google the instantaneous capability to widen its reach within the AI community. As it progressively confronts Amazon on the cloud computing field, so it’s going to need as much of an edge as it can get.

This will also help Google get its brand more well-established within the data science community, although, they have already nailed it thanks to its projects like Tensorflow. Google is now facing ever-increasing competition as the AI space breaks into verticals, like autonomous driving and deep learning, giving opportunities that smaller and larger companies can exploit. And that could in theory remove Google from the discussion as the company with the best AI operations, which is known for turning point for AI moments like beating the Go world champion.

Acquiring Kaggle, and its mindshare within the community, will also most likely help with recruiting. Google needs to ensure it keeps recruiting the best talent that concentrates on deep learning, contending with other companies like Pinterest. 

Even though, this isn’t a more dedicated tech acquisition, it means that Google is widening its center of attention to explore more vertical approaches to ensuring its dominance in AI.

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