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Want to a Create a Video tutorial on your Mac? Want to record your Mac screen? With the macOS built-in screen recorder, you can easily record your Mac screen.

The best way to teach someone or explain how to do something is by showing them. With a video guide, you can easily express and explain what you want to teach them. For instance, you can create a video tutorial about something on your PC like How to Remove Password on Windows 10. For example, I used a screen recorder to record how to remove Password on Windows 10.

So also, you can easily do that on Mac with the screen recording on macOS Sierra. And before you start recording, you should decide whether you’ll adding audio to your video or not. If you would like to record your screen along with the audio part, you can use a USB mic or a headset with in-line mic. If not, you can select the option that makes the video sound-free.

So here's how to record your Mac screen.

Press the Space + Command shortcut keys, and type in "quicktime player."

Then select QuickTime Player.

Now click on File and select New Screen Recording.

Then click on the downward arrow button next to the record button.

Then select an audio source in case you want to narrate the video or want to make it to record sound. In case you would like to make your video to be sound-free, just select the None option.

Then click on the record button.

You can click on anywhere on the screen to start recording the whole screen. To record only a part of the screen, simply click and drag your cursor to draw a box.

You can click on the Stop button in the menu bar in order to stop recording,.

Then to save the video, click on File and select Save.

Then give your video recording a name.

Lastly, click on Save to save the video.

That’s all, you’ve successfully record your macOS Sierra screen.

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