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Want to quickly take screenshots while playing game on your PlayStation 4? How do you take screenshots on your PlayStation 4 in a faster way? Very easy just read on to know how to do so.

If you are geek game player, you’ll always experience a moment when by you’re caught up in your favorite game which is the one you can play over and over again and love every second of it. And suddenly something interesting and amazing you haven’t seen before happens, you may want to capture it as quickly as possible. For instance, while playing PES on PS4, you scored a goal with a stunt you haven’t seen when playing PES before. 

Sadly, the PlayStation 4’s default screenshot is slow compared to the exact time the moment you want to screenshot will use before it’s gone. We have an article that shows you can take screenshot on PS4, but the method is very slow.

So if you’ve ever experienced it and you would like to screenshot it as fast as possible, here’s how to do it.

The default way for taking screenshot on the PlayStation 4 is to press and hold-down the Share button on the DualShock Controller (any ps4 controller) for some time. Since a normal tap on the Share button will open the Share menu, so also we can do that with taking screenshot. There’s a setting in PS4 known as “Easy Screenshots” that can achieve this. With a quick tap on the Share button you can take a screenshot and still reserve the share menu option for a long-press action. This is fast and makes more sense compared to the default way.

Head over to your PS4’s Settings menu from main menu to enable the Easy Screenshots settings. Then scroll over to the luggage-like icon, and then click on it.

In this menu, scroll down and click on “Sharing and Broadcasts,” entry to enter this menu.

Or, you can also press the Share button to open the Share dialog, and then scroll down and click on the “Sharing and Broadcast Settings.” Any method you use will still take you to the same place.

Then click on “Share Button Control Type” in this menu.

Then click on “Easy Screenshots” option and tap X.

That’s all and it’s pretty much easy. So from now, you can easily instantly take a screenshot on your PS4 by just tapping on the Share button. It is very fast compared to the default way. However, if you would still like to know how to take a screenshot on your PS4, you can go ahead and check out our article on how to record video and take screenshots on a PS4.

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