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Do you know that you can resume an interrupted download in Google Chrome? Yes you can with a few clicks and tweaks. How do you resume an interrupted download in chrome successfully? 

Thanks to terrible network service, unstable 4G connections or weak Wi-Fi, internet connections can go out or becomes weak when we needed them most. One of the most annoying times it happens is in the middle of downloading an important file in Chrome. One error in your internet connection can make this once simple process take much longer than it needs to, and eventually interrupting your download. Assuming you are downloading a large file, then you’ll have to start downloading it from scratch again. It is really annoying when downloading and your internet connection start slowing down.

Fortunately, you can restart your download exactly where it stopped when you lost connection. Google's Chrome has no way to make use of the part of the file you already downloaded or trace the file source to resume where the downloading process stopped.
Here is how to resume your interrupted partially downloaded file
Note: When the downloading process has being interrupted don’t exit Chrome, because that will delete the partial download of the file you are downloading.

While the Chrome is still open, you’ll have to download and install an app called Wget. It is an application made for just downloading files from web servers.

Download the app from here and install it. Note: Ensure you change the destination folder of the installed files when you install Wget. Ensure it isn’t installed in the Program Files folder, because you will need to move files into it.

Now look for the partially downloaded file, and copy it.

Then paste it into the /Bin directory that is inside the Wget folder you installed.

Then delete ".crdownload" extension at the end of the partially downloaded file.

Then click on Yes.

Now hold down Shift key and click on the white space in the window the copied partial download is in. Then click on "Open command window here"

Then head over to chrome:\\downloads in your browser, right-click on the download, and select "Copy Link Address"

Now type "wget -c " and paste the URL you copied from Chrome in the Command prompt window that pops up. 

Then click on Enter.

From there the downloading process will start. Once the file has finished downloading successfully, you can go ahead and check if the file is working.

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