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Have you ever mistakenly delete your Dropbox files? Want to restore them as quick as possible? How do you restore your deleted dropbox files?

With some few clicks, you can easily restore you deleted files on Dropbox as quick as possible. In case you’ve by mistake delete your Dropbox files, or find yourself regretting having deleted one, don't worry, you may be able to get it back as long as it is within 30days after deletion. Dropbox keeps copies of files you deleted for the duration of 30 days. So you can only restore deleted file that still in the range of 30days. All you need now is to know how to access and restore it. 

In case you are not convienient with that 30days, you can go premium. Dropbox Pro ($9.99 per month, or $99 per year) premium accounts helps to keep your deleted files for a whole year; in addition you'll get 1TB of storage space and 256-bit AES encryption. In case you want more than that 30days, you should register for the premium account. 

Now, how do you restore your deleted files within that 30days? Very easy, just follow the instructions below

Open your web browser then head over to Dropbox

Then sign into Dropbox.

Then click on “Deleted Files.”

Now click on a file you would like to restore.

Then a pop up will appear presenting two options. Click on Restore to restore the file.

From there, the selected file will be restored and will show up in your Dropbox folder. Like I mentioned earlier the deleted files will only be available for 30days starting from the day you deleted it. Ensure you do this before the end of that 30days. Furthermore, you could just register for the premium account that extends the period your deleted files will be available.

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