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Do you know that you can rearrange your Roku channel icons for easy navigation? With a few clicks you can easily rearrange your Roku channel icons for organizing your media and for easy navigation. 

The Roku Channel Store provides huge numbers of channels and video sources, let alone the hidden channels you can come across over the web. Once you start adding many channels and video sources, eventually you’ll have more channels you won’t be able to navigate through quickly. The issue here now is, are there not some ways to move your favorites, like Netflix and PBS, toward the top?
The only perfect solution to this is to rearrange your Roku channel icons. If you haven’t noticed this yet, then it means you don’t yet have channels or video sources numbering to 50-100.

Fortunately, it is extremely easy to rearrange your Roku channel icons.

Here’s how to rearrange your Roku channel icons.

The first thing to do is to head over to the channel that you’d like to move.

Once you’ve selected the channel you want to move, click on the * on your Roku remote.

Then, it will pop up a dialog window that looks like the below screenshot.

Then select “Move Channel”. After that you should be able to see arrows around the channel you want to move.

From there, you can now move the channel wherever you want by just using the arrow keys. While moving it, the channels surrounding it will move to make room for it.

So you can repeat this process to rearrange and reorganize other Roku channel icons until the channel icons are arranged in a perfect order. You can arrange it the same way I did mine by moving your favorite’s channels, video sources and many more to the top.

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