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Want to mute noisy tabs in chrome? How do you mute annoying noisy tabs in chrome?

With Google Chrome, you can easily mute any noisy tabs. It’s one of the most annoying and embarrassing things that could happen on your PC while using Google Chrome or any other browser. Maybe you are working on Google Chrome, and all of a sudden you hear music and voices coming from one of the Google Chrome tabs you’ve opened. You may have forgotten that you opened a music or video site. Meaning one of the sites you've opened in your browser is playing video or audio, so you need it to stop it. However, you can only do this on Chrome browser on your computer. The Mobile Chrome doesn't have this feature yet. So here's how to quiet noisy tabs in the Chrome browser on your computer.

How to Enable Audio Muting UI

The first thing to do is to enable the Audio muting UI for quick and easy muting tabs. Navigate to Chrome://flags/#enable-tab-audio-muting. You can do that by typing it into your address bar and press Enter.

Then click on Enable under the "Enable tab audio muting UI control" menu option.

How to Mute a Single Tab

In case you want to mute a single tab you can follow this method. First locate a tab with the speaker icon on it which indicates that the Web page in the tab is currently playing sound.

Click on the speaker icon or right click on that tab and select Mute tab

Then a cancel line will appear over the speaker to indicate that the tab is muted.

How to Mute Multiple Tabs

To mute multiple tabs is a bit tricky, so make sure you do this accurately. 

Now, click the first tab you wish to mute. Then press the CTRL key and click on additional tabs you want to mute. The last tab you click on will be open, but all of the selected tabs will appear in the foreground.

Then click on the speaker icon or right click on the active tab and select Mute Tabs.

Then a cancel line will also appear over the speaker to indicate that the selected tabs are muted. 

That’s all; from now on you can now mute tabs yourself with just a click.

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