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Want to move your OneDrive folder to save space? How do you move your OneDrive Cloud storage to save space?

Microsoft's OneDrive cloud storage service is one of the popular cloud storage services. It makes managing your files convenience because it keeps your files synced across devices and backed up onto the internet. However, depending on how much you files you saved in it, your OneDrive folder could take up large Gigabytes. So in case you have another storage drive on your system or even another partition, you may want to move the OneDrive folder to it to free up space. 

Fortunately, the procedure to do that is extremely simple. Here's how to move you Onedrive folder.

Right click the OneDrive taskbar icon in the system tray. 

Then select Settings.

Now click the “Unlink OneDrive” button under the Account tab. From there, a login screen will appear, but don’t worry about that now, so ignore it for now.

Open the File Explorer.

Then navigate to the OneDrive folder. The OneDrive folder should probably be directly under your C:\Users\[your username]\ (ex: C:\Users\ScholarsGlobe) folder, unless you moved it previously. You can also get there by selecting the OneDrive folder at the left pane in File Explorer. Furthermore, you can get there either by pressing Windows Key + R keys on your keyboard, type “Onedrive” in the textbox and press Enter.

Once you are in the OneDrive folder, click the “Move to” button on the Home tab.

Then select Choose location.

Now choose the new location and click Move. So in case you're moving the folder to another drive, just select the drive letter.

It may take a few minutes in order to move all the files depending on the size of the folder.

The next thing to do now is to Sign in back to your OneDrive account. So enter your email address into the OneDrive app window.

Then choose Personal if asked to choose why you're signing in.

Now enter your password and click on Sign in.

Then click on "Change location."

From there, head over to the location where you moved the OneDrive folder and click on Select Folder.

Then click on Use this location and click on Next in the OneDrive window.

Now select which folders to sync (or sync all) and click on Next.
Then select “Open my OneDrive folder” or close the window.

Congratulations, you’ve successfully move your OneDrive folder.

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