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Lost your Roku remote? How do you find your misplaced Roku remote? Do you know that you can easily find your Roku remote by making your Roku remote sound and following the sound source?

Assuming you sat down in front of you TV and planning to watch something, only to realize that you can’t find your remote, don’t know where it is and where you dropped it last. Not finding your remote when you want to watch something important is very annoying.

You can easily ask someone to call your phone if you lost your phone, but you can’t do that with your remote. However, you can find your remote with ease if you are using a smart remote like Roku remote. In case you are using a Roku 4 or Roku Ultra streaming box, there’s a built-in speaker on the Roku remote that comes with it. You can make your Roku remote make a sound so you can easily follow the sound source, find it and get back to what’s really important that is sitting on your and butt watching TV.

Here’s how to find Your Roku Remote

To find your Roku remote is very easy. All you need to do is to press the button on your Roku box itself. The button to be pressed is on the Roku itself and looks like the below screenshot:

Once you press that button, your Roku will find the remote by making a sound for you. From there, you can follow your ears to the sound source until you find your remote. After you must have found your remote, press any button to stop the sound. That’s all very easy isn't it.

The Roku Remote connects to your Roku using Wi-Fi unlike most TV remotes, which uses infrared. This makes the Roku to communicate with the remote over quite long distances. Therefore even if your remote is in your bedroom which is far from the sitting-room, you can still find it provided that it’s within the range of your Wi-Fi network. Even though barriers that normally hinder Wi-Fi transmission may also interfere with the Roku transmission.

We’ve tested this feature in many crooks and corners in a house and the only place we couldn’t make Roku trigger the remote was inside the fridge. So in case you can’t hear the remote and you’ve checked every corner, just check your fridge.

By default setting, the Roku remote sound is somehow difficult to detect due to the low volume. So in case it’s not loud enough for you, you can change the Roku remote sound. There are some other options which includes a whistle or even “Ride Of The Valkyries” you can use for the Roku remote sound.

So to change the sound, navigate to Settings > Remote.
From there, you can easily change the remote finder sound to some specific options.

Choose from the available sound. Then your Roku will send the sound to your remote. This can take a few seconds so wait a bit. You can test it to hear the new sound you chose.

Unfortunately, there’s no way you can add your own sounds because it will be great if we can do that. Well, we hope that should be added to Roku in the coming future. Nevertheless, there are still sounds here that are probably loud enough for you. 

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