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Having issues with your Google Home after fiddling with some settings or just want to sell it?  Want to factory reset it and set it up afresh again? Here’s how to do just that.

Whether you are having issues with your Google Home after meddling with settings you shouldn’t or to sell it or just want to factory reset it, here’s how to factory reset it so you can start fresh from scratch. 

The Google Home doesn’t have a small reset but you can quickly use to reset it unlike the Amazon Echo. Instead, you’ll be using the mute button on the back of the device. All you just need to do is to press the mute button.

To reset the Google Home, simply press and hold down the mute button for about 15 seconds. 

Then after the first few seconds, Google Assistant will notify you to keep holding it down in case you want to reset the device.
The circular light display will fill up gradually until it makes a full circle as you are holding down the mute button.

Then from there, the Google Home will produce a chime sound. You can then let go of the mute button. The Google Home’s lights will display a handful of different patterns during the reset process, and the process should only require about a minute or two.

Then Google Assistant will say that it’s ready for setup once the resetting process is completed, just like how it said when you took it out from the box and turn it on for first time. So from there, you can set it back up using our guide. Or pack it in a box if you’re planning on giving it or selling it to someone else. We also hope the factory reset solves the issues you are facing with the Google Home before resetting it.

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