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Do you know that you can access your mails in Gmail without internet connections? Yes you can with the Offline Gmail features, you can access, edit and send mails. Then, how do you enable the offline gmail in google chrome?

Similar to Google Docs, Gmail gives users the ability to access mails offline. With these offline Gmail features, you can access and check your mails. However Google Docs only lets you view files, while Gmail lets you to edit emails without an active Internet connection when signed in through Google Chrome. 

You can view and search mails in offline Gmail. You can also send mails to others, but will sent when you are connected to the internet. Viewing and searching mails happens in real-time, while sent mails are stored and sent when you reconnect to the internet. There are so many more things you could do while using the offline Gmail.

However, the offline Gmail can only work on Google Chrome browser. So to enable and use the offline Gmail, you must have Google Chrome installed.

Here’s how to enable offline Gmail in Google Chrome

Open the Google Chrome browser

Then head over to Gmail.

Now sign into your Gmail account through Google Chrome if you are not signed in already. You can skip this if you’ve logged in already. 

Then click on the gear icon at the right corner of the screen and select Settings.

Then select Offline in the navigation bar.

Then click on “Install Gmail Offline.”

Next, click on the blue “Add To Chrome” button.

Then click on“Add” to install it in come.

Once the app is installed successfully, an Offline Google Mail icon will automatically appear on your Chrome app page.

Click on the icon, and select Allow offline mail.

Then click on Continue.

Henceforth, you can access, edit, view, and send mails on your Gmail account without internet connection. Your Gmail account will sync with your computer and allow you to have total control over your mail while offline

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