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Do you know that you can add a Steam Games Live Tile to your Windows 10 Start Menu to show your Steam Games?

The new redesigned Start Menu on Windows 10 is one of the best features you either love or hate it totally. If you don’t use it much or if you don’t care for it at all, then you are really missing a lot because of the Start Menu functionalities.

The Start Menu can be pretty clever and neat, especially if you are using some of functionalities such as add Live Tiles, pinning your Apps, creating custom Start Menu tiles and connecting it to the Windows Store.

And if you’re one of those geeky Steam gamers, then you would love it if you can add a Steam game as Live Tile to your Start Menu. You can try this amazing free app called Steam Tile to create a Live Tile for games in your Steam library. The Live Tile will let you open games and see achievement data directly from the Start Menu.

The app is available in the Windows Store. Head over to this link to install the app.

Here’s how to set the app up and add Steam Games as live tiles.

Open the Steam app on Windows 10 PC.

Then head over to your profile and click on Edit Profile.

Click on My Privacy Settings and then ensure Profile Status is set to Public.

Now switch over to the My Profile page.

Then look for Custom URL, and copy the part that shows your ID.

Now open the Steam Tile app, and then paste your ID.

Then click on Update.

Once the Steam Tile app has imported your library, simply click on any of them to pin them to the Start Menu as Live Tiles. You can click on them again to unpin.

That’s all. The default Start Menu may be unimposing, but a few powerful tweaks can really bring it to life.

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