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Want to build a web/mobile app for your business, brand or products? Do you know that you can easily build a web app with the cloud-based tools mentioned in this article? 

Creating mobile apps has transformed from a practice that included lots of knowledge in programming language and developing into something that almost anyone can do easily. Cloud-based tools are now becoming the standard tools for many app developers and we’ve take our time to list out the 6 cloud-based tools we recommended for developers. These tools are some of the highest recommended tools, each one being ideal for certain developers.
So here are 6 Cloud-Based Tools To Build A Web App Easily

1. Appery.io

Appery.io which is formerly known as “Tiggzi,” is a platform for building web apps easily. The Appery.io platform can be described as a “cloud-based HTML5, hybrid mobile and jQuery mobile app builder”. It is pretty easy to use because of it friendly user interface, and it creates HTML5 applications that are cross-platform, using jQuery mobile. It is supported by Android, iOS, and Windows phones; therefore it is accessible to everyone on the mobile devices mentioned. There is nothing you have to install or download since the builder runs on the cloud, so with that it is quite easy to build mobile apps. Appery.io makes use of a powerful drag-and-drop tool as a visual builder.

The company says that a mobile user interface is useless without data, therefore the app connect to any REST API that can be used with ease in the app. Developers can even test the REST API before using it on the page and quickly define the service response structure. By doing this, it makes trying a new service very quick and easy.

2. Codiqa

Codiqa is made essentially for those who are more of a designer and less of a programmer. It is actually not focused on only developers and also has a drag-and-drop interface for fast and easy building of mobile prototypes. Codiqa even has a preview mode to test the prototypes you created. Codiqa creates the apps with 100% of HTML5 components as a cloud-based platform. 
One of the essential things to know about Codiqa is that, it let users bring up their their ideas, make it into a prototype, and generate a useable, real code. There will be no need for you to code it all over again after the prototype unlike many web app developers. Like I mentioned, Codiqa is basically for those that has limited knowledge in programming. Of course, programmers can also use it because it makes work easier.

3. Conduit

Conduit is probably the most simple mobile application builder that can be found. The company says that to build apps on Conduit, you don’t need any coding knowledge. Setting up and designing your app interface is quick and easy. With Conduit, you can develop Apps for both iOS and Android in just a few minutes. Conduit comes with various handy and powerful components such as social feed, events, RSS, notifications, e-commerce and many more. The Conduit builder can even help to submit your app to app stores. This is the perfect solution for those that does not have any coding knowledge and not very technical.

4. Kinvey

Kinvey is basically the most technical of all cloud-based app development platforms which is made for developers. So in case you are familiar with programming or you are a developer, this can be the most powerful tool for building web apps easily at your disposal. The company described it as “taking a hassle out of building and operating mobile backends”. This will remove risk by reducing the backend development from months to just hours, making the prototype faster with little effort. 
You don’t have to pay for using the platform except the app you built is very successful. Some big companies such as Johnson & Johnson and Fetchnotes built their apps on this platform. So for those who are more familiar with programming and developing apps, you should try it out.

5. Knack

Knack is a great tool that can used to build a simple web app. The do-it-yourself tool is used for building apps that works with your data. This platform can be used to add functions like search, data display, and custom forms in your apps easily. Although the company is new, it has attracted a dedicated customer base including a variety of startups that uses the platform to manage and track fleet assets, job dispatching, taxes, and truck mileage. A company uses the platform to create custom reports and pivot table searches. Knack provides an easy way to find, sort, explore and share data.

6. Softarex

Softarex makes various aspects associated with app development easier when taking action to build a web application. Softarex also allow a centralized location of backup for all your data, which is highly protected by high security. With Softarex, communication between team mates and co-workers becomes easier, since the platform can be accessed from various locations. 
Softarex offers continued maintenance and support, system administration, and software development which make it the ideal solution for publishing and advertisement, and communications. With it, you can enjoy a reduction of irritating software updates like those for native programs, and also it reduces the cost of infrastructure on users’ computers.

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