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The road to rapid success in the freelancing world requires a lot of hours working hard, strategic positioning, and of course right timing. Freelancing, as good as it may sound to the ear, isn’t all rosy and not as smooth as many fellas paint it online.

The tips in this article are meant for you if you want to be damn serious about freelancing. Here, no one promises you an overnight success, but over time and with good dedication, you will see your self-employed income rising to a comfortable level. 

1. Present Your Service and Yourself Good

As a freelancer, there are a couple of ways you can make prospect perceive you as a great freelancer. One of such way is working on your online portfolio. A great many freelancers don’t even a portfolio to start with, and you may happen to be one. An excellent collection will give prospective clients an easy and quick means of seeing what you’ve previously done. Moreover, it’s the only way they can see what you can offer and access your skill. A great starting place to introduce yourself and tell clients about your skills is about.me. 

2. Take on a Few Niches and Make Yourself an Authority

Carve for you niches by taking all the time you can to examine your skill sets and what you love doing. For instance, if you can develop yourself to become the go-to freelancer for automobile e-commerce photography, you’d by great extent set yourself apart from the general bunch of photographers. The advantage is that you’d be able to create your portfolio to meet the needs of potential clients and the chance that you have previously done something similar to what they need increases. The client will feel confident about hiring you when you’re knowledgeable about their niche. 

3. Don’t Give-In to Fear

Some clients, perhaps after seeing your excellent portfolio online, may call to hear what you can offer them. While this can be a good thing (in fact, the feeling of gaining more prospective clients is always intense), fear may set in. Their expectation from you is already high, and you can’t afford to fail them. In a matter of time, scary thoughts could creep into your mind, and you can start thinking “can I deliver? Won’t I fail?” But, don’t let fear have the best of you. Instead, you can turn the table around by thinking about the reputation, revenue, and leads you could amass if you eventually pull it through. 

4. Set Priorities Right

Although no gig opportunity is a bad one, some make you more money and give you more prestige than others. Always take a record of how valuable your gigs are whenever you are simultaneously working with clients. Based on this, you will know when one is more valuable regarding the income and exposure you’d gain. This will help you know which gig you should work on first before the rest.

5. Know Your Value

Turning down any job opportunity as a freelancer is often a tough one to call. Everyone needs that extra cash; that new rank in reputation; that extra chance to experience more; however, not every client will bring to you that gig that honestly pays you for what you truly deserve. Some job would take more time and resources than clients are willing to pay. In such scenarios, always have the courage to consider the pros and cons. Your conclusion will go a long way to helping you earn your real worth for each freelancing job. 


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