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Do you know that you can use your Google Home with your Chromecast? Yes you can if you know the correct commands to say, Google Home and Chromecast will work together to make media life simpler in your home.

Google Home can work autonomously to give answers to questions and stream its own media. Another thing is it can also work with the Google Cast protocol in two ways. With it, you can easily cast audio directly to Google Home from many differents apps. However, Google Home itself can also function as a controller to have other Cast-enabled devices start their own streams.

So in case you have a Google Home smart home device and are looking for a way to integrate it easily to your old set of Google Cast devices, then we’ve got a few great tips for getting started.

How to Use Google Home as a Cast target

One of the easiest ways to use Google Home as a speaker is just to talk to it directly, for example you can say "OK Google, play Christmas music" or "OK Google, play the latest Android Central podcast." However, Google Home is also a straightforward Cast target for audio, similar to any other device. You can easily choose your Google Home in any audio app that supports Google Cast, and it'll start playing immediately.

Note this that whenever you're Casting audio to Google Home, devices that have the Google Home app installed on them and connected to your Google account should see a notification showing what's playing on the Google Home device and will also give you the options you can use to pause, stop or mute the stream.

Of course, the Google Home will always still respond to its audio commands for example "OK Google, pause" or "OK Google, next track". You can adjust the volume by using your finger on the top of the speaker.

Google Home can also work as one of the Cast-enabled devices grouped together for multi-room audio streaming, because Google Home is just another audio Cast target in this form. You can also add Homes and other Cast-ready speakers together as you like.

How to use Google Home to Cast to another device

You can also use Google Home cast audio or video content on other Cast targets devices and this is where things get a little bit confusing. Well this is a bit confusing because it's different from the normal way of just tapping a Google Cast button in an app, however it works similarly.

So always ensure you remember the names of your Cast targets be it Chromecasts, Cast-ready speakers or Android TVs. It is very important, because you'll be using the name in order to command Google Home to start content streams only with voice commands. This will help you make things eaiser if you could have your Cast devices named by the area they are placed (e.g "living room speaker") or an explanatory device name (e.g "bedroom TV"). You can always rename the names in the Google Home app if you wish to.

So to use your Google Home to cast content to another Cast target device, just tell Google Home what you want to listen to or watch and the name of the device it should be played to.


"OK Google, play/watch (Cast content) to (Cast target device name)”

For example;

"OK Google, play Laura on the bedroom TV" or "OK Google, play the Fantastic Beasts trailer in the living room."

You can also use the same way of casting content when it comes to music, they work the similarly. For example say:

"OK Google, play [music] on [speaker name]"

It could be:

"OK Google, play Black Barbies by Nicki Minaj in the Living Room speaker"

Then the stream will start up on that device. The Google Home will use the default music service provider except you specified the one to use in the command.

You can also use Google Home to start multi-room audio streaming. All you just have to say is "OK Google, play [music] on [audio group name]" and the audio will be synchronized across multiple speakers once you have your Cast-ready speakers grouped by a name. This usually works for both groups that comprise the Home and those that don't have it.

Of course, you can use audio commands with Google Home to control the playback that you’ve started on another device, such as "OK Google, pause" or "OK Google, volume 6." Your phone will display a notification about the ongoing Cast session. So you can pause, stop or mute whatever device is currently playing the media, no matter what device you used to start the Cast.

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