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Have you ever thought of making your TV turn on automatically whenever you turn on your Shield Android TV? If you have, then it is possible to turn on your TV automatically whenever you turn on your Android TV box.

Making your TV turn on automatically whenever you turn on your Android TV box is a very nice trick you should use. However, not all Android TVs box have support for this feature. If you have the Shield Android TV box or other supported Android TV box, then you are good to go. 

There’s a very simple way to control your TV with the Shield Android TV. It includes turning it on and off with the Android TV box. It uses similar way used by many other devices to do this and that is by using the HDMI-CEC, which stands for HDMI Consumer Electronics Control.

The first thing to do before you proceed is to enable the HDMI-CEC on your TV. Now, the procedure may vary across different TV manufacturers’ sets. So go through your TV’s manual or the company’s website to find out how to do enable. Also have this in mind that the name each manufacturer calls it may differs. Samsung calls it Anynet+, LG calls it SimpLink, and so on.

So once you’ve CEC enabled on your TV, you can continue. 

Open Settings from the main menu.

Then scroll over to the “HDMI” settings and click on it.

From there, you’ll be able to see the “HDMI-CEC perferences” option. So click on that.

In this menu, you’ll be presented with two options which are “Auto turn on TV” and “Auto turn off TV.”

These options are very self-explanatory, so enabled the options you would like to use. Enable the “Auto turn on TV” option to turn on your TV automatically. You can also enable the “Auto turn off TV” option to turn off your TV automatically. 

Once you’ve set up everything, then you are good to go. So whenever you turn on the SHIELD Android TV box or wake it from sleep, your TV will turn on automatically. 

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