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Do you know that you can easily turn off the led lights on your Eero Wifi units to save battery? How do you turn them off to save power?

Those tiny lights on your Eero units may not appear to be very bright during day or a bright room, but once it is night time or you have lights in the room turned of, it’s just looks like they shine as bright as the sun. But of course, keeping them ON could also amount to the things that drain your Eero power. So there are some ways you can easily turn off or dim the LED lights on your Eero device unit. Since the Eero actually has an option you can use turn these LED lights off, it makes it extremely easy to turn them off.

We’ve taken our time our time to explain two ways you can use to turn off the LED lights on Eero units.

Using the Eero App

The first method is using the Eero app which is extremely easy. So if you want to turn off the LED lights on your Eero units, you can just do it with the app. 

Open the Eero app on your smartphone.

Then tap on one of your Eero units at the bottom side of the main screen.

Then click on “LED light”.

Now tap on the toggle switch at the right side to turn off the LED light for that exact Eero unit.

So you can repeat the same steps to turn of the LED lights for other Eero units. Sadly, you can’t quickly off the lights on all the Eero units at the same time.

Using Alexa (Amazon Echo)

You can use this method if you have Amazon Echo, Fire TV or other Alexa-enabled device. You can use voice commands to turn off the lights on your Eero units, as long as you have the Eero third-party Alexa skill installed. 

But we will only show you how to do that on Amazon Echo. So before you continue, you should check out this article on how to control your Eero units with Amazon Echo. 

Once you’ve set up everything, you can proceed.

After connecting your Eero units to your Amazon Echo, you can then turn off the LED lights on all the units at once, by just saying something like “Alexa, tell Eero to turn off the LEDs.” You can also use the word “lights.” You can also tell Alexa to only turn off the light on a specific Eero unit by just saying “Alexa, tell Eero to turn off Living Room light.”

However, you can’t use Alexa to turn on the lights. So you must do it through the Eero app instead. Also the red light is only off when your Wi-Fi network is functioning properly. So if there’s ever a problem with your Eero network, the red LED light will continue to show, even if you’ve turned off the LED light in the app. 

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