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Do you know you can easily sync your Google Chrome’s bookmarks with your phone? 

Google Chrome is now one of the best productive and creative tools. It’s likely that you are using it on your computer and your mobile device. With Google’s handy sync settings keeping things in sync between all your devices is very easy.

We’ll explain how you can sync your Google Chrome’s bookmarks with your phone in this article. Note that the sync setting on Chrome is usually enabled by default. So in case you turned off this setting in the past, however, we’re going to show you how to enable it regardless of the OS platforms you are using (Windows, macOS, Linux, iPhone, or Android).

Ensure you are logged in both your desktop and phone chrome browser.

 To get started, you’ll have to use the desktop chrome. So open Chrome on your PC.

Then click on menu button (the three dot icon) at the top right corner, then click on Settings.

Then click on the button “Advanced sync settings” under Sign in sub-heading.

From this menu, you’ll be able to tweak all your sync settings. You can either choose the “Sync everything,” from the dropdown box, or just select the “Choose what to sync” option to select your things.

In case you chose the “Choose what to sync,” ensure the “Bookmarks” option is checked. And in case you chose the former, you should be good to go.

Then click on the “OK” button to save your settings. 

So head over to your phone and regardless of whether you are using Android or iOS, the settings should be essentially the same.

Open Google Chrome on your phone.

Then tap on the same three-dot button at the upper corner, and then tap on “Settings.”

Now you should be able to see your name and “Syncing to <email address>” dialog at the top of this menu. So tap on it.

Then it show account-specific settings. Now below you account, there is an option that says “Sync.” Just tap on that.
Ensure the “Sync” option is toggled on.

Under that, you can indicate the data types you want to sync. Am using the “Sync everything” option, but of course you can choose another option you would like to use. However, ensure “Bookmarks” are enabled.

So once everything is set up, you can now test it out.

To test it, head back into Chrome’s menu on your mobile, then select “Bookmarks.”

Now it should automatically open to “Mobile Bookmarks,” however you can access the rest of your bookmarks by tapping on the hamburger menu icon on the left side.

So if everything is set up and synced appropriately, all of your bookmarks should now be available here. 

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