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Do you have Plex Media Center set up on your computer? Do you know that you can easily Stream TV on your Plex Media Center with Plex channels? Plex Media Center is mostly known for excellent easy playback of local media files, but you can use the power of streaming video. The Plex Channel system makes it very easier to add content from many different sources ranging from well top TV channel stations to specialty content.

We’ve explained how you can set up Plex Media Server and everything you need to know about in our old post. You can go ahead and check it out. With plex you can save internet video for later view, however the Plex Channel can offer a different one. The Plex Channel lets you add content that you can browse at your pace instead of curating your own content. It makes uses of an already-established streaming site for channels like USA, SyFy, or Comedy Central. So if don’t get all episodes of every show, you can just watch anything you’d be able to stream from those sites.

How to Add Channels to Plex

The first thing to do is to add Plex Channels to Plex. Adding and setting up Plex Channels is very easy. Just log into your Plex server from the web portal and search for the “Online Content” category at the left hand side. Then select “Channels” to start.
In case you’ve never tried using the Channels feature before, things will look some how disorganized. So click the “Install Channels” button.

In the Channel Directory, you’ll see various sub-categories like “Featured”, “Most Popular”, and “Recently Updated”. The Recently Updated category is a good place to start as a new user because, not all Channels are well organized, and sometimes changes in the source will break them. So starting with a recently updated channel makes it easier for you to test things out.

So you can add any of your desired channel, however in this guide, we’ll add the “Comedy Central” Channel in order to watch Drunk History through Plex. Now choose any channel in any category you’re surfing through.

Then click on the “Install” button. After it has been installed, just click on the “X” in the corner and repeat the process by adding some extra channels you like. So once you’ve set up the Channels tab, you can easily browse the channels you’ve added to Plex.

How to View Channels in Plex

There are two ways you can use to check out your new Plex channels. You can watch it right in the same web Plex interface you just used to set up the Channels. Just click on Channels and select a Channel.

In case you have a Chromecast or Google-Cast-enabled TV, you can just cast that video right over. Even though watching it in-browser or casting it across the network is handy, you can also access it in a more traditional way if you have Plex set up on your smart TV or a standalone device, such as the RasPlex on the Raspberry Pi.

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