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Do you have a new Google Home smarthome device? Do you know that you can easily set it up with just some few steps?

Google Home is a new and one of the best competitors in the voice assistant device market, a tech field where the Amazon Echo has reigned as the undefeated victor for almost two years. In this article, we’ll show you how to set it up since we’ve mentioning for sometime now in some of our articles. 

What Is Google Home?

Google Home is basically Google’s version of the Amazon Echo. Google Home allows you to actually do the same things you can do with your Android’s voice assistant, except that you don’t have to pull out your phone to use it. Google Home is a standalone device that sits on your desk, counter top, or side table instead and is always ready each time you want to ask a question or even issue a voice command.

So in case you don’t have Google Home smart home device, you should consider buying it.  Google Home is an alternative you can buy, since it only costs for $129, while the Amazon Echo is priced at $179 which is a bit costlier than Google Home. Since both of them provide the same function I’d go for the low cost own.

Although the Echo is most likely a better option right now, since it has supports for more smarthome devices, however the Google Home has a few exclusive features of its own. Such as access to Google’s mass library of knowledge, or the ability to control your Chromecast which Amazon Echo can’t do.

How to Set Up Your Google Home

The process of setting up the Google Home will only take a few minutes and steps. So plug in the Google Home device, it will automatically boot up. You’ll need to download the Google Home app on your phone. Google Home app is available on both iOS and Android.

After downloading and installing the app, open the app.

Then tap on the “Accept” button at the bottom-right corner of the screen.

Then the app will notify you that your Google Home was found. Tap on “Continue” to start the setup process.

Once the app connects to your Google Home device, it will play a test sound to confirm that it’s connected. Just tap on “Play Test Sound” to start that process.

Then tap on “I Heard the Sound” at the bottom-right corner if you heard the test sound played by the Google Home device. If not, tap on “Try Again”.

Now select the room your Google Home device is placed in. Just tap on “Select a room” and select a room. Tap on “Continue” at the bottom once you’ve done that.

Now you’ll have to connect your Google Home to your Wi-Fi network. So tap on “Select a Wi-Fi network” in the Google Home app and select your Wi-Fi network from the list.

Then enter the password for your Wi-Fi network and tap on “Continue” at the bottom.

So once Google Home is connected to your Wi-Fi, you can tap on “Sign In”.

Now if you’ve already logged in to your Android or other Google apps on your phone with google account, your Google account should automatically pop up. So tap on “Continue as [your name]”. And if not, you’ll have to sign into your Google account before you can proceed.

So enter your Google Account details and sign in.

Now you’ll be prompted if Google Home can access your personal information, such as your calendar, notes, flight info, and so forth on the next screen. This lets Google Home provide you good results with certain voice commands for instance asking what’s on your agenda for today. Note this that anyone within the speaking range can access this info. So select either “Allow” or “Skip” at the bottom.

Now the thing to do is to set up your location and give Google permission to access it. Then the Google Home app will try to locate your location, however if it doesn’t locate your location accurately, you can just tap on the pencil icon at the right side and enter in your location manually. Then tap on “Set Location” at the bottom side once you have that set up.

The next thing is to decide whether or not you want to get email notifications about the latest news and info about Google Home. You can use the toggle switch button on the right-side to enable or disable it and then tap on “Continue”.

The next step is to select the music streaming provider you want to use with your Google Home. Of course, you can link Google Play Music and YouTube Music; however you can also link it to Spotify or Pandora. So tap on “Continue” once you’ve selected your music streaming provider.

Now you may receive a notification saying that your Google Home is still updating, so wait for a few moments and let it to finish.
So once it’s done updating successfully, you will have to reboot. So tap on “Reboot” at the bottom-right corner.

The app will notify you that the setup is completed once it reboots. Then tap on “Continue” to move onto the Google Home tutorial or select “Skip Tutorial”.

The tutorial only contains a few voice commands you can use and shows you how to use them accurately. Then tap on “Finish Tutorial” once you are true with the tutorial.

So from there you’ll then be taken to the Google Home’s settings screen. If you tap on back arrow at the top-left corner, it will take you to the app’s “Devices” screen where your Google Home device will appear in the list.

So your Google Home is ready to go and you can start using it straight away. Just say “Ok Google” and Google Home will start listening to your voice command. 

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