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Do you know you can set up an automatic replies (out of office) message on Outlook for automatic reply to email people sent to you that you are not around? Yes you can. 

First of all, what is an Out-of-Office Message or Automated Replies?

An out of office message is an automated reply to email people sent you or try to reach you and lets them know that are out or not around. The automated reply mail message itself can contain any content, but the most important information that should be there are who to contact in your absence, emergency contact information, or even when you are coming back. This is an important tool used in the business world because it also allows people to know they won’t be expecting an instant reply from you.

Out-of-Office message are called Automatic replies in newer versions of Outlook like Outlook 2016. However some of you may probably know them as an out of office (or OoO) reply. 

So here’s how to set it up.

Open your internet browser.

Then head to Outlook’s web client and click on Sign In.

So enter your outlook credentials i.e. your email address and password. Then click on Sign In.

Then click on the settings icon (gear icon) to open the settings menu. 

Then select Automatic replies from the drop down menu displayed.

Then click on the checkbox beside the Send automatic replies circle and choose a start and end time.

So the message will stop sending automatically after the end time specified i.e. if you check the checkbox that says “Send replies only during this time period (optional).”

Then enter the message in the message field. This will be the automated response that will be sent to anyone that sends you an email.

Then click on the “OK” button at the top to set it up.

That’s all.

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