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Do you know that you can remove the User Accounts from the Login Screen in Windows 10?

In case you have multiple user accounts on your PC, you might find it irritating to have to always click on your username icon each time you boot your computer. You can easily hide a user account with a registry hack in order to solve this annoying issue.

However, if you aren’t the only one using the system actively, there’s no point in hiding the other user accounts. You could just set your main account to logon automatically and then use the Switch User function to switch account when required.

Have this in your mind that, you can only hide local Windows accounts, not the Microsoft accounts. But, if you truly want to hide your Microsoft account and not delete it, you can just revert your Windows 10 Microsoft account to a local one.

Warning: The Registry Editor is a powerful tool that comes in handy a lot when it comes to the Windows appearance. However, any misuse of it can render your system unsteady or even unusable. 

This is a very simple hack and given that you glue to the instructions provided in this article, you shouldn’t have any problems with. 

So before you head to the registry, you’ll first of all check the exact name of the user(s) account you want to hide. One of the quickest ways to do that is to press Windows+R shortcuts key on your keyboard and type in “netplwiz” in the Open text field and click on “OK”.

A dialog box called “User Accounts” will appear and then click on the “Users” tab. So under the “Users for this computer” heading, you’ll will see a list user(s) account available. From there, you can see the exact name of the user(s) you want to hide. Then click on “Cancel” to close the dialog box.

The only way to tell whether an account in the “Users” tab for your computer list is a local account is that local accounts are listed by the name you gave the accounts when you created them while Microsoft accounts are listed by the email address of the account.

So now that you already know the name of the user(s) you want to hide, you can then proceed to regedit. Now you can open the Registry Editor in many ways. You can open it by clicking on Windows button, type in regedit and the press Enter. For a quick way you can just press Windows+R key on your keyboard, type in “regedit” in the open box and press Enter. 

In the Registry Editor, navigate to the following key in the left sidebar:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon

Then you’ll have to create a new key under the Winlogon key. You can do that by right-clicking on the Winlogon key, click on New and select Key from the menu.

Then name the new key “SpecialAccounts”.

You’ll also need to create another new key under the newly created SpecialAccounts key. So right-click on the SpecialAccounts key, click on New and select Key.

Then name this key “UserList”.

Then you’ll create a new value inside the UserList key. So select the UserList key, right-click inside the right pane, click on New and select DWORD (32-bit) Value.

Then name this value the name of the user account that you want to hide, and then simply create a new DWORD (32-bit) Value for each additional user account you want to hide.

Now ensure the Data value is zero (0) for each value.

In case the Data value is not zero, just double click on the value name in the right pane and enter 0 in the Value data box. Then click on “OK”.

Exit the Registry Editor since you are done with the set up.
From there you can Restart/ Sign out your Windows account. To sign out, open the Start menu, click on your user name at the upper-left corner, and select “Sign out”. To restart, open the start menu, click on the power icon button at the bottom left and then select restart.

You’ll notice that when you click on your username at the upper-left corner, there are no other users listed in the menu displayed.
Warning: Do not hide your last administrator account using this tweak, or else you won’t be able to log in as an administrator anymore.

The user account should be completely hidden from anywhere on your computer. And in case you want to show the account again, just head to the registry editor and change the value for the user name you want to show to 1. So if you want to show all the user accounts on the logon screen again, you can just delete the "SpecialAccounts" key. Then from there, the "UserList" key and all the user name values you added as values inside the "UserList" key will be deleted as well.

Note: If you use this registry hack to hide a user account, you won’t be able to use switch to that user account using the Switch User menu on the Start menu. Moreover the account will also be hidden from the UAC dialog prompt, the Control Panel, and even from the Settings app. So you should think very well before using this tweak.

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